Empowering and promoting small-scale sustainable Latino farmers and gardeners and striving for sustainability and social justice.

About the Program

Sustainable Agriculture provides aspiring Latino immigrant farmers and gardeners with the training and skills necessary to grow produce using sustainable methods and to successfully market their products.

Participants enroll in a 14-week Sustainable Farming Class, taught in Spanish, that covers topics like farming techniques, soil maintenance, crop planning and pest management. The course also includes practical workshops and opportunities to participate in farming related conferences and networking events.

Some course graduates use what they learn to start garden plots at home or in local community gardens (such as Forest Grove Community Gardens); others choose to pursue a business venture in agriculture.

We promote sustainable methods because . . . 

We want to grow healthy and nutritious food without any chemical residue.

We are committed to caring for and protecting the soil, preserving life around us, and ensuring sustainability on earth. 

We want to restore the spiritual meaning of food production, hoping that the process of growing it will reflect our culture, which is based in respect and care of nature.

Our Principles

Food justice.  The right to grow, distribute, access and eat good food, regardless of race, class, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, ability, religion, or community.

Good food. Healthy, local, sustainable, culturally appropriate, and produced for the sustenance of people and the planet.

Food sovereignty. The right and freedom of all people to grow their own diverse and nutritious food, and to define their own food, agriculture and livestock systems (not being subjected to largely international food market forces).

Adelante Mujeres Distributer & CSA

Connecting Latino Growers with Local Eaters

Sustainable Agriculture operates Adelante Mujeres Distributor, our wholesale produce distribution system that provides sustainably grown produce to local institutions, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and small food businesses in Washington County and the Portland Metro area. This program functions as a bridge between the local Latino farmers and local produce customers and helps to create, strengthen, and maintain connections between local agriculture and local consumers.

We also offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for individual community members. The Distributor and CSA function as a market outlet and training opportunity for the program’s Latino farmer participants.

If you represent a business interested in purchasing produce from Adelante Mujeres Distributor or are an individual who would like to become a CSA member, please contact us at distributor@adelantemujeres.org or csa@adelantemujeres.org.

Local produce grown by individual Sustainable Agriculture Latino farmer participants can also be found at the Forest Grove Farmers Market and a variety of other farmers markets in Washington County and Portland. 

Financing Resources for Farmers

Recognizing that many farm enterprises struggle to obtain financing, Sustainable Agriculture offers a suite of alternative capital products, including Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).