Forest Grove Farmers Market-Hoy en 15

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Last night we had a vendor meeting for the Forest Grove Farmers Market. The meeting’s purpose; to meet and greet new and returning vendors, review rules, and plan for the upcoming season; also officially marks the end of my free Wednesdays. From now until October I will be busy on Wednesdays. So don’t invite me to your party, summer concerts at the zoo, or something really awesome that I will feel badly about missing, because I have to work. It’s a good thing that I love my job-who doesn’t want to manage a farmers market? They pay me to be outside, interact with people and promote local farms and produce. Well, now that I’ve spelled it out, I can think of a few people who might not want my job, but it’s perfect for me!

I will admit the meeting was a bore. It was wonderful to see everyone in person again after several months of communication over email and phone but the rules and rules and rules that markets abide by and have to discuss are a bit dry. I like to geek out on food safety guidelines and food handling procedures, but most of the vendors just want to sell what they’ve been working on all winter. They have lovingly placed seeds in the ground and cared until they sprouted; taken something raw and developed it into something delicious; formed sugar, milk, butter and cocoa into delicious candies; and crafted, with their hands, aromatic soaps and beautiful jewelry. They have seen their product through, from start to finish, and now they want to share it with the community, not talk about clean knives and hand-washing stations.

The 2009 Forest Grove Farmers Market will be our fifth season! We have some great projects that we are looking forward to sharing and you’ll get to read more about them very soon. In the mean time, you can put your cloth bags in your cars, strap on a basket to your bicycle and head over to your local Farmers Market. They’re in season right now!
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