A Letter of Gratitude

Blog by Gina (sort of)…
We received this letter from a parent of one of the participants of Adelante Chicas, our young women’s support network. Adelante Chicas is completing its second year of work in the Forest Grove School District and has over 150 girls enrolled in the program to date. Activities continue throughout the summer.

To the Staff of Adelante Mujeres and Adelante Chicas-

I would like to thank all of you for everything that you have done for our families. Because you have the time and dedication to be with our girls, you have taught them values such as how to respect themselves and others, how to rid themselves of fears they may have, and above all, you have taught them how to be young women who are confident, trustworthy, and who will be helpful when others need their help. We as parents try to do our best to help our children and with your help we will succeed in having responsible children, who are able, noble, full of love, help when needed, and most importantly, young women who are conscientious that there is a higher power that is the basis of their success.

Thank you,
Proud parent of an Adelante Chica participant