Opening Day at FGFM. Theme Song: Buckets of Rain

Blog by Gina...
Well, I am sitting here, still shivering from our first market. Opening Day, in the past, has been a joyous, exhilarating experience. One, after which, I glow, knowing ahead of me lies 22 weeks of farmers, friends, and fun. But this year, with dumping rain, wind and just plain cold, I only wanted a warm bath and to crawl into bed. A sore throat is creeping in and I have zero excitement for the mess of wet we hastily loaded into the storage trailer in the dark rain.
One die hard customer, who hasn’t missed a market in 2 years, tried to cheer me up by saying, “Well, it can’t get any worse.” She was wrong-at that moment the wind picked up and it rained harder. I was not sufficiently dressed for 8 hours in the pouring rain. Even the most prepared wasn’t prepared. It would have been impossible. One vendor said, “Oh, this is where the term “drowned rat” comes from.” And that is what we were, drowned rats.
But the music played and we unveiled 5 beautiful tables with murals painted on them. We worked with local artist Eduardo Tecum, son of our Micro Enterprise Program Coordinator, Alejandro, and the women of Adelante Mujeres and Adelante Chicas. The tables highlight immigration and development in Washington County and are a gorgeous addition to the Market. Looking forward to blue skies for Forest Grove Farmers Market: Take II.