Bienvenidos Adelante Empresas

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Last week I was sitting in the office having a bit of trouble concentrating because of booming laughter and lively discussion coming from a meeting in our front office area. Our office is a small place, crowded with staff, volunteers and project participants. We joke that when someone is conducting a meeting, everyone is basically a part of it. At times this can be distracting but that day I was happy to be a part of the meeting while comfortably seated at my desk.
One of Adelante Mujeres’ newest volunteers, Allison, along with Idolina, Gabby and Mago (The Cleaning Wizards) were sitting at the table discussing their green cleaning business, Gabby’s baby boy, and Allison’s future wedding. The bulk of their conversation was serious although at times they would get distracted. They talked about how to work better, as a team, to clean houses; the importance of setting savings goals to make sure they will be able to purchase liability insurance for the coming years; and how to improve their pricing method. This meeting is one of many meetings facilitated by Adelante Empresas, the newest project of Adelante Mujeres’ Micro Enterprise Program. Adelante Empresas is a small business cooperative for Latino entrepreneurs. Through the cooperative, business owners have access to comprehensive business support services and marketing through our new website, e-newsletter and the contacts of other participating business owners.

It is has been truly amazing to watch this project blossom from a brainstorming session in Bridget’s office and meetings with the Cleaning Wizards to watching Allison work with the Cleaning Wizards and having the website up and running. I look forward to sharing more stories of our businesses in the future. For now, to learn more about participating business owners or to hire a business like the Cleaning Wizards, check out our website at