Exciting Day in the Office

Blog by Gina...
Today was an exciting day in the office. I don't know what it is about December, maybe the promise of an extended break from this chaos, but everyone's spirits were high. Lupe's birthday was yesterday and to celebrate she treated us to a delicious lunch of mole. Mmmmmmmmm! Plus, all of the office staff were present! Which can drive us crazy (visualize 900 square feet and 10+ people working; one phone line, loud talkers; meeting with program participants...)! But that alone was exciting because we've suffered a string of injuries and illnesses and the office has been feeling a bit bare lately. That's not even the most exciting part though! Today, we signed the lease to our farm. OUR FARM! Several acres of farmland for Adelante Mujeres’ program participants. With a LONG TERM LEASE! Access to WATER! So our Agriculture program can not only provide classroom agricultural and small business training but also on site practice and access to land so interested folks can start their small scale farming enterprise! Our project participants will grow market produce on the land and use the Forest Grove Farmers Market as an outlet for that produce. We take the land over on January 1, 2010. Have I mentioned what high hopes I have for 2010?
We will have a lot of work to do to get the land ready-any interested parties should contact us about volunteer opportunities and work parties. Hooray!
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