Breakfast. Lunch. Supper.

I heart my job. Yesterday I got to go shopping, pick up a truck, sing in the rain, celebrate the sun, and spray paint (legally) the sidewalk. All for my job. Yep, they pay me to do this! How could I not love it?
The Farmers Market is back in full swing and since the weather has now decided to cooperate my spirits are high. I have high hopes of remaining dog-bite free this season and even though it's early, I'm already enjoying the benefits of a weekly shopping habit at the Market.
For Breakfast: I enjoyed delicious bread, baked fresh before the Market, from Bigfoot Bread Company. I dipped it into runny, bright yellow-orange yolks from the eggs I purchased from Natalie at My Little Sister's Farm.
For Lunch: I have some asparagus, drizzled with olive oil to roast in the oven (but I've been snacking on them raw all morning), and MORE BREAD! Plus I’ll gnash on some fresh Hoods (strawberries) from Crawford's and a yummy pumpkin cookie from Mago & Carmen’s Cookies.
For Dinner: So, dinner is a long ways off but I’m already dreaming about more bread, which will most likely make an appearance on my dinner table. But I’ve also got plans for those spring onions and salad greens I got from the Amaro Brothers.
Hello Market Season. As the weather improves there will be even more goodies to get. And EAT!
Hope you’ll join us on Wednesdays from 4-8pm in downtown Forest Grove!