La Esperanza

The preparation of La Esperanza farm has been a learning process for Adelante Agricultura. Over the past months we have slowly, painstakingly worked our way towards establishing the basic infrastructure necessary to transform our newly leased land into a working farm. Nothing will prevent us from reaching our goal, not the incessant spring rain, nor the invasive reed canary grass, nor the difficulties in renting a tractor and setting up an irrigation system. I will admit that we have had to scale back our grandiose visions of being in production by late May or early June.
We are fortunate to be working with a group of farmers who are well versed in the challenges of agriculture. They are hardworking, practical folk that already understand that this year is about preparing the soil and working to establish their individual farms for next year’s growing season. This summer we are also fortunate enough to be able to add another member to our staff. The Sustainable Farming and Conservation Educator is a position that will be offered through a partnership with NWSA AmeriCorps. Part of their job will be to focus on habitat restoration and farmscaping at La Esperanza.
For Adelante Agricultura, many challenges lie ahead, but our vision of creating a healthy working farm remains unchanged. In Spanish, “La Esperanza” means “Hope” and for both our program and for our participants who named the farm, this farming opportunity represents a desire to transform themselves into successful small-scale farmers. Let’s celebrate that hope! Here’s to La Esperanza!