During an Adelante Mujeres staff and board retreat a few weeks back, we at Adelante determined that one of the organization's primary goals for 2011 will be to increase our visibility in the community by increasing volunteer opportunities within Adelante Mujeres programs.
This means creating more volunteer projects to engage individuals from Washington County and the greater Portland area to join Adelante Mujeres staff and participants as we empower local Latino immigrant families through education and enterprise.
Because this initiative means bringing more community members to work in our programs, we want to reach out to you, the community members, to learn about the ways you envision yourself getting involved with Adelante Mujeres. What are you most passionate about? Which of our programs best applies to your interests? What experience/expertise do you offer that you think we could benefit from? What would you hope to gain/learn from volunteering with Adelante Mujeres?
Over the next few months we'll be doing a spotlight series of each Adelante Mujeres program and their diverse projects. As you learn more about the work we do, we'll look forward to receiving your input and hearing about the ways you would like to become involved with us.
And, if you're interested in learning more and in joining us for a good time, we invite you to our annual Fiesta of Hope fundraiser. Email info@adelantemujeres.org for more details, and see next week's post for a reflection on last year's event.
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