Adelante Empresas Biz Class Success!

Last week marked the end of the winter term of the Adelante Empresas Small Business Development Course, and on Tuesday we celebrated the great attendance and boisterous participation of each member of the class.

The class, geared towards Latino entrepreneurs wishing to improve their business management skills in order to begin their own small business or grow an existing one, met each Tuesday for ten weeks, from 6-8pm in Forest Grove. Class attendees included entrepreneurs involved in the restaurant industry, farming, cleaning services, web design and electronics repair, among others.

Eduardo Corona, Adelante Empresas' Business Development Coordinator, led the ten-week class and developed the curriculum that took the class through the foundations of creating a business plan for and initiating an environmentally and socially responsible enterprise. Thanks to Eduardo's sharp understanding of the in's-and-out's of business management and regulation, combined with his intimate knowledge of Hispanic customs and cultures, each lesson delivered accessible information to individuals learning to navigate the business sector in the United States.

This relevant subject matter, not to mention the jokes Eduardo had on hand to crack even the most tense or tedious topic, created a loyal attendee base -- on Tuesday, Adelante Empresas celebrated its largest-ever cohort of graduates: 18 entrepreneurs!

Congratulations to Empresas staff for such a great course, and most importantly to the businesses that will be valuable and productive assets to the local economy!

"When I first began the class, I would not have known how to answer these questions about my business plan. Now, each Tuesday when I get home from the class, I have vivid dreams about my business all night. I can feel it, I can touch it, and I can see how to make it real." -- Max Salcido, entrepreneur