Dia Internacional de la Mujer--International Women's Day

It is that time. Each year, we look forward to spring, rebirth, and the celebration of a fruitful season to come. March surprised me this year—I think I am still living sometime in October 2010. But once again we are celebrating International Women’s Day and coming off a successful and fun Fiesta of Hope!

A few weeks ago at dinner a friend of mine who hails from Bosnia excitedly explained that on March 8th there is this holiday in which women escape from their daily lives and celebrate being women. She was encouraging our group of women friends to take off for the weekend and celebrate our womanhood. I inquired, “Are you referring to International Women’s Day?” She was so excited that I knew of it. I’m sad that not more women know about it. March is Women’s History Month. Here at Adelante Mujeres we celebrate the importance of women today and all month we recognize women as a powerful, inspiring force.

International Women’s Day continues to inspire me. It gives me inspiration not just to celebrate but also to rise up again and again for the struggle of women-kind. Now celebrating its 100th Anniversary, International Women’s Day was named by the United Nations to commemorate women’s struggle. Today we must remind ourselves that another world is possible and without the ideas, courage, strength and organization of women that world can’t exist.

International Women’s Day is an occasion marked by groups of women all over the world. This is the day when women on all continents, often times separated by borders, and ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economical, and political differences, unite in celebration and can look back to see a tradition which represents ten decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.

Today is the day that tells the story of ordinary women making history; rooted in the ancient struggle of women wanting to participate in society in a way equal to that of men.

Also, I want to celebrate all the men. With your support we can make a world equal for all. Big love to all the women out there, thank you for your presence, for your courage and for being proud to be women.