Forest Grove Farmers Market Farm Visits and Farmer Profiles

Written by Erika Takeo, Micro-Enterprise Summer Intern

Forest Grove Farmers Market manager Kaely Summers and Micro-Enterprise Team summer intern Erika Takeo have recently been busy completing farm visits to farms that sell at the Forest Grove Farmers Market.  We visit these farms for a few reasons:

  1. It allows us to confirm that what is being sold at the market is being grown by the farmer.
  2. It allows us to get to know the farmers and their stories better.
  3. It allows us to better answer questions asked by customers at the market.
  4. It’s fun!
Here are some brief profiles of our farm visits thus far:

This farm’s big product (as suggested by its title) is bison meat.  They raise most of their bison out in Central Oregon, but they keep some bison for breeding at their farm in Forest Grove.  Members of the L-Bar-T Bison family also raise a variety of eggs (duck, chicken, and quail) and some produce.

The bison are raised on pasture but have their diet supplemented by grain.
The Epler family runs the ranch.
That's one big bison.

N & N Amaro
Nicolás and Norma Amaro from Hillsboro are graduates of Adelante Agricultura’s sustainable farming course.  They (along with other members of the Amaro family) have been selling a variety of produce, plant starts, and eggs at the market for many years.  

N & N Amaro's chickens.
Norma's fresh garlic.
Peas, tomatoes, and greens are busy growing in the high tunnel.

GX Family Farm
Started by the mother of a family that emigrated from Laos, GX Family Farm raises and sells beautiful flowers.  They have plots in both Corbett and Damascus.  They sell at a variety of farmers markets in the Portland area.

Some of the flowers at GX's Corbett plot.
Peas and flowers (many of the flowers have still not bloomed).
Billy (daughter of Chue, founder of GX) and Adelante Mujeres intern Erika.
Billy making bouquets at market.

Tbees, run by Ron Stark, sells honey and pollen at the market.  The hives are located on farms in the vicinity of Scholls and Sherwood.  In addition to being honey and pollen makers, these bees are busy pollinators of local blueberries, raspberries, wildflowers, clover, and more.

Busy bees.
Market manager Kaely learning about bees.
Ron puts on a bee suit to work with the bees.  Each pallet contains 4 hives.

Come visit these farmers and many others at the Forest Grove Farmers Market, every Wednesday (except July 4th) until October 17th from 4-8pm in downtown Forest Grove.