Signs of Summer

Written by Erika Takeo, Micro-Enterprise Summer Intern

While Adelante's adult and early childhood education programs take the summer break, the Micro-Enterprise class graduates, and Chicas starts summer camp, the agriculture team continues to get busier as signs of summer finally begin to arrive.

Farm Updates
La Esperanza Farm is full of activity, with crops such as peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes, lettuce, and kale growing both in the greenhouse and on many of the 1/4 acre plots farmed by graduates of the sustainable agriculture course.  Weeds, especially thistle, are especially prolific right now.  Farmers will begin harvesting produce in the next few weeks and selling to local restaurants, farmers markets, and La Esperanza Distributor.

Farm Visit Updates
This week market manager Kaely Summers and micro-enterprise summer intern Erika Takeo visited Crawford's Nursery, one of the produce vendors at the farmers market.  Their specialties are berries and fruits: blueberries, tayberries, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries, currants, and mulberries are all finally here.  Quince, pears, apples, apricots, and a variety of other produce are also on their way later in the season.  In addition to selling at farmers markets, Crawford's has U-Pick plots and a farms stand in Cornelius.

Read about other farm visits in a previous post.

Bees to pollinate all of the fruits

Berries headed to market

Early raspberries have arrived

Scapes on hardneck garlic

Baby quince

Touring the farm

Market Updates
The Forest Grove Farmers Market is busy with the start of summer produce, our Market Sprouts kid's club, and the start of the WIC Fruit and Veggie Vouchers and Farm Direct Checks.  It's great to see new visitors to the market of all ages and backgrounds.  Next week we take a break from market because it falls on the 4th of July.  Find us back on July 11th for both the farmers market and Second Wednesday.

Here's the Crawford's stand, full of cherries

Touching up the market truck

We have had very lucky weather this market season

Intern Erika and Volunteer/Board Member Roda passing out tokens for SNAP, WIC, Credit, & Debit