Help Adelante Mujeres win a van on July 22nd

Sometimes, helping is as easy as a click of the mouse ... 

This Sunday, July 22, Adelante Mujeres is in the running to win a brand new Toyota Sienna van, and we need your help! 

Our win depends on your VOTES. We are one of five organizations in the running on Sunday, and whichever organization gets the most votes will win the Toyota vehicle of their choice. We will use our new vehicle to transport participants to career days and educational field trips! 

You can't vote for Adelante Mujeres until the day-of (Sunday, July 22), but here are some helpful tips:

1. Go to the page for Adelante Mujeres:
2. Click the Pledge button and we'll remind you to vote on Sunday, July 22. 

On Sunday, July 22 (between 7am-8:50pm Pacific Time), go to Click on Adelante Mujeres (next to a purple icon). The view of our Toyota 100 Cars for Good profile will expand, and you can check out our story and the video we submitted to enter into the competition. 

You'll also see the word VOTE appear under the purple icon. Click the word VOTE, and you're on your way! 


1) Sharing this announcement with your family, friends and professional network. We'll need thousands of votes to win the van! 

2) Announcing to all of your Facebook friends that you voted, and encouraging them to do the same. You could put an announcement like this onto your Facebook wall: 

"Hey friends! Today I supported a great nonprofit called Adelante Mujeres by voting for them in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good competition. They are one of five organizations in the running today, and if they get the most votes they win a Toyota Sienna van. Please join me in supporting Adelante Mujeres by casting your vote today at " 

You can track our progress the day of the vote by looking at the voting percentages on the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Facebook page. 

Thank you for your support!