La Esperanza Farm and Distributor Updates

Written by Erika Takeo, Micro-Enterprise Team Summer Intern

Hello everyone,

Things are really kicking in to high gear for Adelante Mico-Enterprise and Adelante Agricultura with the upcoming launch of La Esperanza Distributor (a new marketing outlet for graduates of the sustainable agriculture course) and the sunshine which is bringing lots of new plant growth at the farm.

La Esperanza Farm Updates
Lots and lots of weeding is being done by farmers and volunteers alike.  This week saw great progress for the washing station, with the completion of the drainage trench and another drying table.

Digging the trench for washing station drainage

Weeding at the demo plot

More weeding

La Esperanza farmers meeting with a local distribution company

Building the drying table for the washing station

Drying table ready to be driven to the farm

La Esperanza Distributor Updates
The majority of our storage supplies have arrived (we have 160 roughtotes and nearly 40 coolers currently). We started the process of labeling, numbering, and preparing all of these bins to pass out to the farmers who will be participating in La Esperanza Distributor this summer.

Our awesome volunteer Adam spraypainting lids

Labeled and numbered produce bins

The worksite (aka the Adelante Mujeres parking lot)

A completed cooler