Agriculture Articles and Resources (and Agricultura Photos)

Written by Erika Takeo, Micro-Enterprise Team Summer Intern

As part of my internship with Adelante Mujeres, I've learned a lot about what types of resources exist for farmers and others involved in the creation of just and sustainable food systems.  Here's just a few recent articles and sites I've come across (that I learned more about through these new resources) which might be of interest to you.

  • "Small-Scale Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local" - a NYT article about some Pacific Northwest programs which are working to promote local agriculture.  Features a partner of Adelante Mujeres.
  • "Let's Add a Little Dirt to Our Diets" - another NYT article, this one about how supporting local food outlets like farmers markets can keep us healthier because of the exposure to beneficial microorganisms that is in sustainably-grown food.
  • "Growing Together" - an article released by EcoTrust, a Portland non-profit (and partner of Adelante Mujeres) that works to promote environmental well-being and innovation.  The article features Adelante Mujeres' farm-to-school partnerships and a few of the program's farmers.
  • Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Map - a map showing recent food systems programs that receive funding from the USDA.  It's not the simplest to navigate, but it does show funding amounts for various programs (including the Forest Grove Farmers Market and other Adelante Agricultura projects) throughout the country.

And here's a few recent photos from Adelante Agricultura and the Forest Grove Farmers Market:

La Esperanza Farm got mowed last week.
Beets and chiles at the demonstration plot of La Esperanza Farm.
Baby tomatillo at La Esperanza Farm.
Stickers at the Forest Grove Farmers Market.
New potatoes at the Forest Grove Farmers Market.