Change is Possible!

Dear Friend,

Imagine if you had to leave school at the age of 10.

How would your life be different today? Your job? Your kids?

This is what happened to Abigail. Abigail grew up in a small village in rural Mexico. Three meals a day was a rare luxury for her family.  

She left school at the age of 10 to help with housework and farm work.

As an adult, she moved to the US with her husband in search of a better life.  But without formal education and English skills, Abigail found herself isolated in her home, and unable to help her two sons navigate public school or even with their homework.

Because of you, Abigail was able to pursue the education she was denied in her youth. Propelled by her desire to find a way to better support her sons, she enrolled in our Adult Education Program.

Your support counts. 

Because of your support, she was able to learn the reading, writing, and arithmetic that she had to abandon as a child. She was also able to take English classes and, most importantly for her, parenting classes.

Will you give today to make sure these education programs stay strong? 

As she acquired new skills, her confidence grew. And she learned how to support her kids both at home and at school. Once fearful to set foot inside her son's school building, she now volunteers regularly in his classroom.

I am happy to report that, although Abigail left the program last year, she didn't abandon her studies. She is now enrolled at Portland Community College! And her courage has even inspired her husband to start taking English classes, too.

Will you join me in supporting women like Abigail by making a gift today?

Dozens of hard-working women like Abigail come to Adelante Mujeres every year. Like Abigail, they have been denied the opportunity to learn and to grow. They are struggling with the scars of poverty and the pain of cultural isolation. They dream of a different path for their children. Together, we can make their dreams a reality.  

Your gift today will allow these women to grow in ways they can't even imagine. Do it now, not only for these resilient women, but also for their children. 

Because when you work to strengthen a woman, you strengthen her whole family. 
And that lifts up our entire community.

In solidarity with women like Abigail,

Bridget Cooke, Executive Director

P.S.   With your contribution, you will be supporting other women like Abigail.

Right here. Right now.

Anna YeagerComment