Exploring Technology Empowers Young Latinas

As a junior in high school, Karla Zamora was struggling. Her grades were not good and she was behind on credits. She was quiet and shy. During her first two and a half years of high school, Karla had never once participated in an after-school activity. 

But then her friends encouraged her to join Comcast Digital Connectors, a program offered through our Chicas Youth Development Program in partnership with Comcast. This digital literacy program helps young adults from diverse low-income backgrounds use technology to change themselves, their communities, and their world. 

Comcast Digital Connectors, in partnership with our Chicas Youth Development Program, helped Karla become more interested in school and after-school activities.

Last year, Karla, along with 16 other Chicas students, committed to the seven-month training program that included weekly sessions and 56 hours of community service.

 As Karla began to immerse herself in learning about technology, the impact of Digital Connectors became clear to those around her. Karla began to see all of the things that she is capable of. Her confidence grew. And she became more interested in school. 

Last summer, Karla presented a workshop on internet safety to other student groups. She also volunteered at the public library helping patrons with computers. These experiences have inspired her. She now wants to become a teacher.

Karla’s success with Comcast Digital Connectors has also inspired her to join other programs at her school. She joined the school dance and tennis teams, and became involved with IGNITE, a program that will help her fulfill her dream of a career in education.

At the Digital Connectors graduation ceremony, Karla felt proud as she walked up to get her certificate. But the best moment was when she looked back at her parents, “I saw my parents, and I could see that they were proud of me and what I have accomplished.”

Although Karla graduated from Comcast Digital Connectors, she hasn’t completely left the program. This year, her senior year, she is volunteering as a mentor and advisor, using her experience to guide and advise new Digital Connectors students.

Karla is now back on track to graduate from high school this spring. And she is determined to go to college. With the help of Chicas staff, she is working on college applications – another step on her journey to becoming a teacher.

Thank you Comcast for supporting the education and empowerment of young Latinas like Karla!

Anna YeagerComment