Hotdogs and haircuts at our Forest Grove Farmers Market

Audaddy’s hotdog cart has only grown in popularity since 2014, when owners Ryan and Crystal Audett first started selling at our Forest Grove Farmers Market.

The couple’s love for the community shines as both of their small businesses grow.  Along with owning Audaddy’s, Crystal Audett owns the local hair salon, A Door to Bliss.

“We like to say we do hotdogs and haircuts because often people will come up to the hotdog cart to make a hair appointment,” said Crystal Audett.

The young couple became entrepreneurs partly out of necessity, and partly out of a strong desire for change.  In 2012, the family wanted to embark on a new adventure for their two young boys, now 12 and 16. They were all set move from Alaska to Washington DC, but when Ryan Audett’s Air National Guard assignment was canceled at the last minute, they took an extended vacation to Oregon instead.

They spent time camping and exploring the state, and an old friend introduced them to Forest Grove.

“We fell in love with the town, with the people, and we wanted to try something new. We didn’t want to live in the same place our entire life,” said Crystal Audett.

The economy was still suffering from the recession when they made the big move. With jobs scarce in their new hometown, the couple began to question their decision

Small business owners Ryan and Crystal Audett say their hotdog cart is truly a family affair. 

One day, Crystal Audett said, “well if all else fails, you could just sell hotdogs on the street corner.”

The very next day, they drove to Vancouver, WA and bought a hotdog cart. Crystal Audett opened her salon with a business partner shortly after.

Both Ryan and Crystal Audett have appreciated the flexibility of having their own businesses and immersing themselves in the community.

“I get to make my own schedule,” Ryan Audett said, “I get to do something I love.”

The hotdog cart has become a family affair, with both of their sons helping run the business. The couple hopes that their boys will eventually take over the business and help put themselves through college.

“It teaches them to run their own business, and money management,” said Ryan Audett. “There’s a lot you can learn from owning your own little hotdog cart.”

Audaddy’s joins us every Wednesday through the market season, and also sell their hotdogs and burgers on Friday evenings at Waltz Brewing. They are available to cater weddings and events.

Anna YeagerComment