Building a family business with your support

Antonio and Rosalva wanted one thing: to create a better life for their daughters. But as immigrants with little formal education and limited English skills, it was hard to financially support their family and still have time to spend with their girls.

Antonio worked long hours in farm fields and nurseries, sometimes as many as 16 hours a day. His daughters were sleeping when he left for work in the morning, and they were asleep when he came home, too.

With your support, Rosalva and Antonio are realizing their dream of owning an ice cream business and spending more time together as a family.

They knew they needed a change. And Antonio had an idea. In Mexico, he grew up helping his uncle make and sell nieve de garrafa, a traditional Mexican sorbet. He thought that by starting a similar business, he could support his family, have more time with them, and bring this little piece of Mexico here to Oregon.

Antonio and Rosalva had the dream. They had the recipes. And they had the ambition. They knew they wanted to open a business. But they wanted to do it right.

Because of your generosity, our Empresas Small Business Development program offers a class where aspiring Latino business owners like Antonio and Rosalva can learn how to put their dreams into action.

With excitement and dedication, they enrolled in the class and studied hard. They learned how to formalize their business, get proper permits, and manage the books.

They had ordered equipment online to create the handmade all natural ice cream at home. But in order to sell to the public, they needed a certified commercial kitchen. Because of your support, they were able to access an affordable kitchen through our partnership with the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center.

Thanks to you, Rosalva and Antonio officially opened their business, Rainbow Ice Cream, in April. They started selling their treats at local markets, including our Forest Grove Farmers Market.

Your continued support allows Antonio and Rosalva to receive ongoing business coaching with our staff. Our coaches helped them start saving for expansion through an Individual Development Account and Kiva Zip, an online crowdfunded loan.

Now, Antonio and Rosalva have the freedom to bring their girls with them to work, spend more time together as a family, and live a better life.  They take delight in knowing that one day, they will pass the family business on to their daughters.

 More than anything, they are grateful for your support of Adelante Mujeres.

“Without you,” Rosalva says, “we wouldn’t have been able to move forward and achieve everything we’ve accomplished."

Anna YeagerComment