Join us for the Women's March on Portland!

Join us this Saturday as we march in celebration and solidarity of women and Latinos in our community!

Our Adelante Mujeres staff, supporters, participants, volunteers, and allies will be marching to champion women's rights and the rights of every member of our vibrant and diverse community. This is a peaceful demonstration.

The Women’s March on Portland is “a movement of solidarity for those facing oppression or fear as our country faces uncertain times under a new presidency.” The march coincides with the Women’s March on Washington, and many other sister marches that will take place both inside the U.S. and internationally.

When: Saturday, January 21st, at 11:45AM
Where: Our group will meet in the Mercy Corps parking lot at 11:45AM (Skidmore Fountain Max stop). The official rally begins at 12PM, and the march starts at Tom McCall park at 1:15PM.
What: A peaceful rally and 1.3-mile march from Tom McCall park to Waterfront Park. We will take a group photo at 12PM and then walk to the rally under the Morrison Street Bridge

Map of Mercy Corps Parking Lot

General Advice and Reminders

  • Come prepared for all weather and bring signs! Bring water, snacks, umbrellas and warm, water-resistant coats! Wear comfortable, water-resistant shoes.
  • Bringing your kids? Click here for helpful advice for parents.
  • Click here for the event's FAQ.
  • Keep your cool.
  • Do not offer personal information to unsolicited requests.
  • Stay on the edges of the crowd.
  • Have a meet-up-if-you-get-separated plan. Do not count on your cellphones for this purpose.
  • Write important information on your forearm in Sharpie. (Emergency contact, drug allergies, etc.) In fact, bring a Sharpie with you to share with others for this purpose.
  • Stay hydrated and never pass up an opportunity to use a toilet.
  • LISTEN to the energy and calmly leave the vicinity if you have any doubts about anything. These are intended to be peaceful gatherings, but there have been intimations that infiltrators will try to incite violence and make it look like the protesters caused it. 

Map of March Route

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