Chicas College Savings Plan

Latino youth have the highest high school dropout rate in Oregon, with barely half of Latino students graduating within four years. Even fewer Latino youth continue on to college. We want to change that.

The Chicas Youth Development Program has maintained a 100% high school graduation rate and 100% college enrollment rate for seniors in the program. Our Chicas program offers assistance with Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), which offer 3 to 1 matched savings incentives for post-secondary education.


Isbeidy's Story

Isbeidy wants to become the first person in her family to go to college. Growing up with few economic resources, Isbeidy knows that her family can't afford to help her with college. So she works two jobs after school while keeping up with her classes so she can graduate with honors. However, even with her savings, she still needs help to cover her college tuition. That's where the Chicas IDA comes in. For every $1 that Isbeidy saves in a year, she will receive a $3 match. By the time Isbeidy graduates in two years, she could have saved up to $7,200 for tuition and books. Enough to make her dream of going to college a reality.


“A lot of people expect so little [of Latina women]...I want women to keep studying to prove them wrong.”

-Isbeidy, Chicas IDA recpipent


The Chicas College Savings Plan Helps Girls...

  • Gain essential skills in money management, budgeting, savings.

  • Receive personal coaching to assist in the preparation of college, applications, scholarships and job applications.

  • Obtain job skills through a paid summer internship at Adelante.

  • Learn the value of giving back to their community by volunteering.

  • Acquire skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

How You Can Help

Thanks to a generous donor we currently have two students enrolled in the Chicas College Savings Plan but there are many more girls in need of financial support in order to make their higher education dreams a reality. We've set a goal of helping 10 students by 2020 and we need your help to reach it. Will you give to help a hard-working student go to college?

To learn more please contact Evelyn Cantoral, Director of Development, at 503-992-0078 x205 or email her at You may also give online.