Building Assets & Aspirations

The newest initiative within Adelante Chicas is our Journey to College program.  Latino youth have the highest high school dropout rate in Oregon, with barely half of Latinos entering freshman year graduating from high school within four years.  Even fewer Latino youth continue on to college. Journey to College promotes a pro-college culture among Latino families by working with the students and parents to foster a love of learning and a commitment to higher education. 

This holistic approach begins early, building kindergarten readiness with the families enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program.  It continues with intensive college preparation for our Adelante Chicas participants and their parents, including college visits and training in financial literacy.  The program also includes an IDA program which offers three to one matched savings incentives for post-secondary education. 

To provide these services, the Journey to College relies on strong partnerships with the local school districts and area colleges and universities. 

Through these alliances and the commitment of participating families, Journey to College seeks to reduce the heartbreak of high school dropouts and invest in positive futures for immigrant families.