During this 14-week sustainable farming class, taught in Spanish, participants learn sustainable methods and techniques to grow healthy, clean, and good vegetables.

This series covers topics like: life in the soil, soil building, soil conservation, cover crops, green manure, seed starting, irrigation systems, weed, pest and disease management, and more. Throughout the class we emphasize the importance of soil building, soil conservation, and the avoidance of chemical additives.

We stress the value of protecting the health of farmers, consumers, and the earth. We also teach our students the excess mechanization can do to the soil and the harm that agrochemicals causes to humanity and the environment.

All participants of the Sustainable Farming Class with 80% or higher attendance become members of the program. As members, they are eligible to attend the “Sembrando el Futuro” hands-on workshop series; that covers beekeeping, biochar, growing mushrooms, season extension and the nutrient density of vegetables.

Members also receive technical assistance, access to land, financial aid through IDA, entrepreneurial training through the Adelante Mujeres Distributor, the opportunity to sell to our CSA, and community garden space. The program members often invited to conferences related to agriculture, networking events, and farm visits. All these services are provided to increase their self-improvement opportunities.

Some course graduates use what they learn to start garden plots at home or in local community gardens such as Forest Grove Community Gardens; others choose to pursue a business venture in agriculture.

Farm Business Development Class

The Sustainable Agriculture program also offers a 5-week Farm Business Class for graduates of the Sustainable Farming course who are interested in either starting or expanding their own farm businesses. The topics of this class series include the following: how to write and implement a farm business plan, how to set prices and conduct an enterprise analysis, how to create and use a budget, and how to identify appropriate marketing channels and successfully sell your products.