Chicas is an innovative youth development program empowering Latina girls to develop their leadership potential, adopt healthy lifestyles, develop cultural identity, and achieve academic success with high school graduation and college enrollment. 

Our Chicas Youth Development Program offers after-school sessions to 3rd-12th grade girls in the Forest Grove and Hillsboro School Districts.  We also offer leadership and community service opportunities to our students and their families.

Chicas Youth Development Volunteer Skills

Our Chicas volunteers contribute many valuable skills to our students and staff, and often become our friends and a mentor for our students. 

Some of the skills we hope our Chicas volunteers will share are: 

  • Excellent communications skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Dependable and on time, self-starter
  • Comfortable speaking in Spanish and English
  • Cultural competency with diverse cultures
  • Experience working with underrepresented youth
  • Sense of humor, flexibility and willingness to pitch in wherever necessary
  • Demonstrates personal responsibility and focuses on next steps to resolve or fix problems when they arise and turns problem situations into learning opportunities 
  • Proficiency with MS Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook

A criminal background check is required for all Chicas Youth Development volunteers.

Chicas Youth Development Volunteer Positions

Summer Camps Assistant
Commitment: 2-4 days per week during at least one of the week-long camps
Description:  Primary focus is assisting in the planning of Adelante Chicas Summer Scholastic Camps. Volunteer will also be responsible for aiding in the supervision of youth, attendance, snack set-up and distribution, and clean-up of site. 
Schedule:  9AM - 3PM, Mon - Fri
                   Express Yourself: Art, Culture, Dance, July 10-14
                   Healthy Lifestyles and Health Care, July 17-21
                   STEM, July 24-28
Location:  Express Yourself and Healthy Lifestyles Camps will be held at Pacific University, Forest Grove. STEM Camp will be held at Poynter Middle School in Hillsboro.

Office Assistant
Commitment: Very flexible. At least 2-4 days a week for one month or longer.
Description: The volunteer will plan field trips and other events, help with office work, data entry, filing documents, and other duties assigned by the supervisor. 
Schedule: Monday - Friday, Flexible schedule between 9:00AM - 3:00PM

Facilitator Assistant
Description: Volunteer will support the Chicas facilitator in organizing and leading 90 minute after school sessions for Latina youth. Volunteer will be responsible for aiding in the supervision of youth, attendance, snack set-up and distribution, and clean-up of school site. Volunteer will also be required to attend at least one Parent Gathering during the year. 
Frequency: 1-2 days a week (October – May). We ask for volunteers to commit to a session for at least one school semester.
Schedule: The schedule will be based on the after-school session the volunteer is helping to facilitate.  Our after-school sessions are generally 90 minutes and take place one day each week between 1:30PM - 5:00PM. 
Location:  Schools in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Beaverton

Digital Literacy Assistant
Comcast Digital Connectors (a component of Chicas) is a high school group that learns about the area of technology and leadership. Volunteer will aide a Chicas staff member by supporting students in completing their Comcast Digital Connectors training curriculum, supervising sessions, and being a role model for high school students. 
Frequency: Once or twice a week. We ask for volunteers to commit to a Comcast Digital Connectors session for at least one school semester. 
Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays, 4:30PM - 6:30PM at Hillsboro High School. Volunteers may commit to either one or both days each week. 

Family Engagement Assistant
Commitment: Once every 2-3 months (October-May)
Description:  Primary focus is assisting in the coordination of Chicas Family Gatherings/Workshops. Volunteer will also be responsible for taking attendance, food set-up and distribution, and clean-up of site. 
Location: Schools in Forest Grove and Hillsboro
Schedule:  Our family gatherings generally take place on evenings during the week.

Soccer Academy Assistant
Frequency: Every Friday (April – June)
Description: Support in the coordination of the Soccer Academy. During the academy, volunteer will support in taking attendance, snack set-up and distribution, and clean-up of location.
Schedule: 5:30PM - 8:30PM Fridays
Location: Cornelius Elementary, Cornelius, OR