Empresas Small Business Development teaches and supports small business owners and aspiring entrepeneurs to create a vibrant local economy and open up opportunities for all individuals to pursue their dreams.

Through training, networking experience, technical assistance, and access to capital, Empresas helps Latino entrepreneurs launch successful and sustainable small businesses. 

Empresas Small Business Development Volunteer Opportunities

Childcare during Empresas Small Business Development Class
Description: Love cute kids? Tend to tots while their parents learn about small business development! Supervise and entertain children from the ages of 3 – 10 years old.  Bring your ideas for games and activities for all to enjoy! Spanish skills are preferred but not required (many of our students and their families speak Spanish).  By providing childcare, you are giving these families an opportunity to learn skills that will help them achieve financial stability and independence!
Schedule:  Tuesday evenings, 6PM – 8PM
Location:  Beaverton Activities Center, 12500 SW Allen Blvd. Beaverton

Empresas Office Assistant
Description:  Support our Empresas staff by performing light office work. Duties may include making phone calls to our students, data entry, filing, and other tasks as assigned. 
Schedule: Flexible Schedule. Mon - Thurs, between 12PM - 5PM
Location: Adelante Mujeres Main Office, Main Street, Forest Grove

Business Coach
Description: Coaches guide our clients through the creation of goals and action plans for his/her business. Coaches will help a business owner focus on how to plan and problem solve. 
Skills we hope for: Experience with small business ownership/entrepreneurship, a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop their skills, excellent communication skills and ability to motivate, willingness to learn and ability to listen, positive past experience being mentored or coached, experience working with ESL learners, experience working with low-income immigrants, willingness to volunteer in Western Washington County. Spanish skills are strongly preferred, but not necessarily required if we can place you with bilingual participants.
Schedule:  Flexible schedule based on needs of coach and small business owner, 2-4 hours per month. We ask for a four month comittment for this opportunity.  Meetings can occur at our Main Office in Forest Grove or at outside locations as needed by coach and client.

PR and Marketing Assistant
Skills we hope for: Spanish language skills, basic computer skills, knowledge of social media, administrative experience, openness to marketing and communicating with people via phone and email. 
Description: Conduct community outreach and marketing assistance for the program and the individual businesses involved in the program. This will include implementing our social media marketing strategy through mediums such as facebook, twitter and blogging as well as researching and updating the website. In addition, the program assistant will work with small businesses to conduct industry research and will identify opportunities for continued education for participating businesses owners. 
Schedule:  Flexible.
Location:  Adelante Mujeres Main Office, Main Street, Forest Grove, or via virtual volunteering 

Industry Expert
Description: Industry Experts provide business owners with assistance on industry-specific business development, which may include advice on marketing, technical/logistical assistance, or simply mentoring from someone who has succeeded in the same industry. Industry experts are placed on our professional contacts list and contacted by our entrepeneurs as needed. 
Schedule: Flexible/As-Needed