Farm Training

Sustainable Agriculture Course: This 12 week series, taught in Spanish, covers topics like farming techniques, life in the soil, soil building, soil conservation, cover crops, green manure, seed starting, irrigation systems, weed, pest and disease management, and more. Throughout the class we emphasize the importance of soil building, soil conservation, and the avoidance of chemical additives. We stress the value of protecting the health of farmers, consumers, and the earth. We also teach our students the excess mechanization can do to the soil and the harm that agrochemicals causes to humanity and the environment.

Farm Business Course: This is a 6 week course for graduates of the Sustainable Agriculture Course who are interested in starting or expanding their farm business. Topics include: business plan development, crop planning and cost, risk management, and marketing. 

Specialty Farm Workshops: Farmers are invited to practical workshops, farm field trips, regional conferences and other farming related opportunities.

One on One Coaching and Technical Assistance: Farmers in our program have access to  individualized coaching in the areas of production and marketing. 

Access to Land: Graduates of our program have access to community garden space and when available other land based on their farming goals. 

Access to Market: Farmers who graduate from our training program receive additional farm business training by accessing market through our Distributor and CSA program, the Forest Grove Farmers Market, or other market opportunities.