Nourish the Community

In order to improve poor health outcomes within the low-income Latino community, we've implemented the Nourish the Community initiative. We're improving the health of thousands of children and families through education, access to nutritious foods, and community health advocacy. We provide cooking classes, access to fresh fruits and veggies, and activities that promote healthy eating.


Produce RX

Adelante Mujeres has partnered with Virginia Garcia on the Produce Rx initiative, which benefits Latina women who have been advised by their doctors to change their way of eating by incorporating more fruits and vegetables.  Produce Rx not only provides vouchers to be used at the Forest Grove Farmers Market, but also encourages participants to form relationships with one another through an orientation, farmers market tour, cooking classes and group discussions.


Healthy Lifestyles Workshops

Workshops to promote healthy lifestyles are facilitated within our Chicas, Adult Education and Early Childhood Education programs are facilitated regularly using fun, hands-on activities. 


Nutrition Incentives

We offer SNAP Match, WIC and FDNP Match, and PRx at the Forest Grove Farmers Market in order to make organic and local produce accessible to everyone, which in turn helps support small farmers and food vendors.