Our Adult Education Program is dedicated to empowering low-income Latina women through learning in order to positively impact the entire family.

Adult Education gives our students the opportunity to pursue a holistic education, including coursework in English Language Development, mathematics, grammar, parenting, and conflict resolution. 

Our Adult Education Program works hand in hand with our Early Childhood Education Program to provide preschool and childcare while mothers are in school, to ensure that mothers and children are able to bond during this formative time in a child's life, and to encourage moms to become their child's primary teacher.

Women participating in the Adult Education Program build the confidence to make sound decisions for themselves, advocate for their families, and engage in their communities.

This year, our Adult Education program is serving 35 women who are working toward their GED, learning how to be better parents, and overcoming past emotional trauma

In addition to academic coursework, leadership, and parenting classes, the women participate in an eighteen-week seminar focused on conflict resolution called ESPERE.

Participating in both academic and personal development classes results in phenomenal transformation for our Adult Education students.

"Before Adelante Mujeres, when I left my kids at school, I wouldn’t even go through the building door. I knew nothing about what my children were doing in school. I knew nothing about what goes on in a school. But now, in my new life, I volunteer in the school. I know what goes on there. I even know how to speak to the principal."

- Abigail Hernandez, Adult Education Student



Our students commit to attending class five days a week for a full year and also pledge 20 hours of community service per school term, in order to give back to their community. 

Adelante Mujeres' Adult Education Program uses a "popular" or "experiential" education model (education of the people) that relies heavily on class participation, and places academic learning within the context of the lives of the low-income Latina women who attend the program. 

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