“For years I never raised my eyes from the floor.  I thought life had nothing more to offer. But now I have discovered that being a woman does not need to limit me, it does not mean I deserve less respect, or have less to say. Every human being has worth, and deserves an opportunity to grow.”

Adelante Educación

Women participating in the adult education program build the confidence to make sound decisions for themselves, advocate for their families, and engage in their communities.

Adelante Educación uses a popular education model which places academic learning within the context of the lives of the low-income Latina women who attend the program. 

In addition to taking coursework in English Language Development (ELD), mathematics, grammar, and parenting, the women participate in an eighteen-week seminar focused on conflict resolution called ESPERE

Participating in both academic and personal development classes results in phenomenal transformation for the Adelante Educación students. Approximately 35 women and their children ages 1-5 attend Adelante Educación each year.  Women commit to attending class five days a week for a full year and also pledge 20 hours of community service per school term, in order to “give back” to their community.  See the photo gallery for stories about their volunteer work.

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