“For years I never raised my eyes from the floor.  I thought life had nothing more to offer. But now I have discovered that being a woman does not need to limit me, it does not mean I deserve less respect, or have less to say. Every human being has worth, and deserves an opportunity to grow.”

Our Business Portfolio Includes:

Food & Catering

Don Felipe Products LLC

La Popular Catering Service

La Surianita

Pastries Morales


Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning

All Star House Cleaning

Blanco’s Green Cleaners

Cleaning Wizards, LLC

DAGO Carpet Cleaning


Aloha Yard Care LLC

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Empresas Small Business Development

 Empresas is a business development program that supports small and micro businesses through direct and indirect services in order to create a vibrant local economy and open up opportunities for all individuals to pursue the 'American Dream'. 

Through training, networking experience, technical assistance, access to capital, Empresas helps Latino entrepreneurs launch successful and sustainable small businesses. 

Empresas guides entrepreneurs through a ten-week business development course that covers the foundations of business plan creation and business administration, from registering a company to setting up a marketing and operations system. The current course runs once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Empresas program participants can receive continued support by attending Business Coaching meetings every Friday in Beaverton, by appointment only.  

The program offers intensive one-on-one coaching, marketing support, networking opportunities, and the ability to rent commercial kitchen space

Recognizing that many small businesses struggle to obtain financing, Empresas offers a suite of alternative capital products, including Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) and KIVA ZIP crowd funded loans.

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