“For years I never raised my eyes from the floor.  I thought life had nothing more to offer. But now I have discovered that being a woman does not need to limit me, it does not mean I deserve less respect, or have less to say. Every human being has worth, and deserves an opportunity to grow.”

Chicas Youth Development 

Watch our Chicas share their dreams for a better world here.  

Chicas is an innovative youth development program empowering Latina girls to develop their leadership potential, adopt healthy lifestyles, develop cultural identity and achieve academic success with high school graduation and college enrollment.

About Chicas

The first program of its kind in Oregon, Chicas partners with local public schools and over 425 local families each year to offer after school programming, leadership and community service opportunities for Latina youth and their families.

On any particular day, Chicas might go on a field trip to learn about using GPS navigators; particiapte in their after school session to share concerns about social and academic challenges; or hear a presentation from a guest speaker on their future career opportunities. Our long-term goal is to facilitate the Journey to College. This is an initiative that promotes a pro-college culture within Latino families.

Chicas Youth Development program is currently offered to girls 3rd through 12th grade at fifteen different schools within the Forest Grove and Hillsboro School Districts. 


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