Great British Bakery lends U.K. flair to our Forest Grove Farmers Market

Pink cakes topped with strawberries, heart-shaped shortbread tarts and carefully adorned cupcakes are just some of the treats to choose from when you stop by Great British Bakery’s booth at our Forest Grove Farmers Market.

Tash Lieb, owner of Great British Bakery, says customer favorites include her shortbread and chocolate cake.

For Tash Lieb — the baker, brains and beauty behind Great British Bakery — creating sweet treats in the kitchen comes naturally. Growing up in England, Tash inherited a strong interest in baking while watching her mother create candies and desserts. Then, as an adult, she helped her mom plan and grow her fudge business.

Tash always knew she wanted to work for herself, and when she moved to the U.S. with her husband four-and-a-half years ago, it seemed like the perfect time to pursue her passion for baking.

“I only make stuff I Iike,” laughed Tash, “but I like all bakery items.”

Tash uses only the best-quality ingredients — such as European churned butter — for her Great British Bakery goodies, and she makes everything from scratch in her home kitchen.

One of her favorite things to make is meringue. “It fascinates me because it’s so simple. Just two ingredients can make something so wonderful and pretty,” she said.

At our Forest Grove Farmers Market, customer favorites include the millionaire shortbread with caramel and chocolate and a Guinness chocolate cake featuring a grown-up twist.

As the weather cools and the seasons begin to change, Tash will shift her offerings from fruity summer treats to more autumn-appropriate goodies like gingerbread and dark chocolate pie.

Tash loves selling at our Forest Grove market, she said, because it has a relaxed evening atmosphere, the best Mexican food she has ever tasted and lots of friendly faces.

For Tash, the customers are the best part of owning a business. “I’m humbled by people who take their time to line up and spend their money on my bakery, and it’s an honor to meet so many different types of people,” she said.

Anna YeagerComment