Our families are counting on you!

Remember when you were young and dreaming of your future?  

Imagine if at the age of 13, your fate already looked bleak.

Alejandra’s earliest memories are of tacos. Her great-grandmother’s taco stand was passed on to her grandmother and then to her mother.  As a baby, Alejandra napped in the taco stand.  By age six she was chief tomato chopper. By thirteen she ran the stand on her own.

Violence in the home is also a strong memory for Alejandra. Making and selling tacos paid for her schooling and the family’s bills. It was also a refuge providing Alejandra a place away from the fighting at home.

Living with violence and selling tacos defined three generations of women in Alejandra’s family. But Alejandra was determined it would not define her. She wanted a different life for her children.  

Because of your generosity, Alejandra and her son are now thriving. Donate today so more kids and moms can learn and grow together.

Your support changed the trajectory of Alejandra’s life.

Because of your generosity, Alejandra and her son Alexis are both full-time students in our education program for moms and their young children. The program nurtures the leadership and responsibility Alejandra demonstrated as a young girl. Instead of selling tacos, she is learning English and plans to go to PCC. But most importantly for her, she is also learning to create a safe home free of violence for her children.

“While tacos fill the tummy,” Alejandra says, “education feeds the soul.”

Four-year-old Alexis has difficulty with speech and comprehension. Attending our preschool means he gets the early individualized support that he needs. And it means he’ll be ready for kindergarten next fall. Many Latino students enter school unprepared. The problem begins early and so does the solution.

Will you give today to ensure that Alejandra and Alexis continue on their path of learning and thriving?

Your help will address another challenge as well. Adelante Mujeres lacks stable classrooms. Our preschoolers need state-certified classrooms to ensure they are in a space that facilitates their learning. And we know that kids learn best when parents participate in their learning.

The exciting news is that Adelante Mujeres has a unique opportunity to purchase and remodel a building at a very reasonable cost.

Make a lasting contribution by supporting the purchase of this new permanent home for moms and kids to learn together.

We have the chance to create a stable environment for children and parents to learn together. And a permanent home will ensure our future growth and sustainability.

This opportunity is too good to miss! But we can’t do it without you. You can learn more about this exciting project here:  Capital Campaign Case Statement. 

In addition to helping moms and kids like Alejandra and Alexis with your annual donation, please join our Capital Campaign to create a stable learning environment for children and parents.

Today I'm asking you to take two steps in achieving two very important goals.

First, please make a gift to ensure that moms and their children can thrive. Your investment will make it possible for more moms and children like Alejandra and Alexis to grow and learn together. 

Second, please make an additional gift to support our Capital Campaign. Now is the time to make a lasting difference with your contribution. And we can't do it without you!

By giving now you make it possible for moms and their young children to learn together in the same stable location. With your gift, they can share lunch every day and experience weekly music and literacy time. Learning together is so essential for early bonding and life-long success. Wouldn’t you agree?

With deep gratitude,

Bridget Cooke, Executive Director

P.S. Please make a gift today. Our families are counting on you!

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