Our Story & Values

Sister Barbara Raymond (left) and Bridget Cooke, Co-Founders of Adelante Mujeres

Sister Barbara Raymond (left) and Bridget Cooke,
Co-Founders of Adelante Mujeres

Founded in 2002 by Bridget Cooke, Sister Barbara Raymond and 15 Latina mothers, Adelante Mujeres was created to do something no other nonprofit was doing in the state of Oregon: focus on the needs of marginalized immigrant Latina women. 

Through their work with the Latino community in other local organizations, Bridget and Barbara noticed that Latina moms did not actively participate in classes or activities, and often remained isolated in their homes.

When Adelante Mujeres began to offer programs specifically designed for their needs, these women quickly found their voices.

At Adelante Mujeres we recognize that despite the fact that more than 18% of the US population is Latino, they are underrepresented in decision making roles in our society. Latina voices are particularly missing from discussions that guide policies and legislature that directly impacts their lives. We want to change that. Latina women have the capacity to lead and we are working to empower the women and girls in our programs to do just that.

More than 80% of Adelante Mujeres staff identify as Latina and share similar lived experiences as our participants. In fact, some of our staff were once participants in our programs. This ensures that our work maintains it's relevance and deep roots within the community we serve.


Our Mission

Adelante Mujeres provides holistic education and empowerment opportunities to marginalized Latina women and families to ensure full participation and active leadership in the community. Read our five-year Strategic Plan.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all families thrive. 

Our Values

  • Believe in yourself and others and commit to personal growth

  • Be in solidarity with the community

  • Love and respect the earth



In order for communities to thrive it is essential to build individual and communal power for the common good. At Adelante Mujeres, we encourage a belief in each individual’s capacities and innate worth, we promote practices that lead to health and well-being, we affirm cultural and social diversity, and we advocate for leadership grounded in solidarity.


Quality education is a fundamental right of all people and a prerequisite to an engaged community. Adelante’s holistic education programs promote school readiness for young children, pathways to higher education for youth, and lifelong learning for adults. We believe every individual should have the opportunity for meaningful education.


Self and collective initiative, innovation, and integrity are vital for a flourishing society. Adelante’s microenterprise programs combine these attributes with an abiding respect for the earth to promote sustainable economies that support the entire community. We encourage every entrepreneur to consider people, planet, purpose and profit when planning their business.


A special thank you to the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus & Mary (SNJMs) who were a crucial partner in the growth and success of our organization.