Meet Carmen, one of our Chicas Facilitators.


Q: What do you love about your job?

Carmen: I love so many things about my job - 1.  Creating a safe and trusting space where I have the privilege of letting the girls share their experiences and stories without feeling judged. 2. Building this sweet relationship with each group that is tailored by them, with each joke that is shared, each personal story of a family members, a personal experience, we get to know one another and become more compassionate and empowered women. A powerful community of girls. 3. Lastly, the fact that I get to sit in a room full of beautiful big bright brilliant eyes that look at me as someone to guide them, and I leave every single session feeling like they taught me so much more than I could ever teach them about love, sincerity, honesty, strength, compassion and resilience.


Q: What is your main goal that you want to accomplish with each girl?

Carmen: My main goal that I would like to accomplish with each girl is a simple one - I want them to know that their story and their dreams are the most important things they will ever hold in their hearts. And for them to not forget that, they need to know that they are important, worthy of love and never alone in this world. So if my girls ever need anyone, ever, I want them to never forget that to me, they are important, they are loved by me, and they can come to me for anything because I will be there for them. I will show up. 


Q: What challenges have you faced with this job?

Carmen:  I think the main challenge in my job is realizing that I can't change these girls situations for them or shield them from the harsh realities that happen in our community. I am a woman who takes care of her tribe, I take care of my cubs and those I love, it's simply in my soul. My amazing Latina women colleagues have helped me realize that the tools I try to instill in them, the seeds I plant, if I am transparent and patient and shower them with understanding... that that is a good place to start. 

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