Immigrant Solidarity Project
Proyecto de Solidardidad Inmigrantes

The Immigrant Solidarity Project (El Proyecto de Solidaridad Inmigrante) responds to the fear and trauma experienced by Latino immigrants in Washington County, Oregon. It is a collaborative project brought together by Adelante Mujeres, Bienestar, Centro Cultural and Community Action.

The Immigrant Solidarity Project works to provide Latino immigrants with continually updated resources, educational workshops and opportunities to engage in advocacy efforts that help advance immigrant rights in the state.

Promotors de Inmigracion


An initiative of the Immigrant Solidarity Project is to offer a 7-week training for people who wish to be Promotores de Apoyo con los Inmigrantes. Promotores will be Spanish speaking community members who will be equipped to respond to identified community needs and priorites related to immigration. Promotores are volunteers who are passionate about learning and sharing information and resources with the wider community. It's important for the Solidarity Project to empower immigrants to lead the immigrant rights movement locally and to collectively respond to the most immediate needs.