Chicas Youth
Development Program

The first program of its kind in Oregon, Chicas partners with local public schools and more than 600 local families each year to offer after school programming, leadership, and community service opportunities for Latina youth and their families.

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Chicas is an innovative youth development
program empowering Latina girls to:

  • Develop their leadership potential

  • Adopt healthy lifestyles

  • Develop cultural identity

  • Achieve academic success with high school
    graduation and college enrollment

  • Build sisterhood and community


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 During the 2018-2019 School Year…

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100% of seniors graduated high school.

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653 youth in grades 3-12 were enrolled.

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96% of seniors enrolled in college.

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100% of youth were promoted to the next

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351 youth participated in college field trips.

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883 family members
participated in
family events.




“At that time,

I didn’t speak English very well. My first language is Spanish. And so when I entered Chicas, they knew the language that I knew, so I could communicate with them, so it made me feel at home.”

-Roxy, Chicas participant

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Chicas Initiatives:


After-School Sessions

At 23 school sites, weekly after-school sessions are facilitated, covering topics including cultural identify, leadership, sexual health, college readiness, healthy lifestyles, and more.

In 2019, 84% of Chicas had over a 90% program and school attendance rate.

Summer Scholastic Camps

Chicas provides three camps every summer. Each week is dedicated to a topic: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Youth Empowering Youth, and Healthy Lifestyles and Express Yourself: Art, Culture, and Dance. These camps provide interactive workshops with a field trip at the end of each week.



Journey to College

Journey to College promotes a pro-college culture among Latino families by working with both students and parents to foster a love of learning and a commitment to higher education. Chicas offers college visits, financial literacy training and assistance with Individual Develop Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), which offer 3 to 1 matched savings incentives for post-secondary education.

Soccer Academy

The Soccer Academy offers an opportunity for Chicas students to practice a sport in which they can learn about healthy lifestyles and care for the environment. Chicas develop leadership skills and learn about communication and team work. The academy is in June and ends with a full-day tournament.


Our Chicas Youth Development Program is made possibly by supporters like you. You can help us continue to empower Latina Youth in Oregon by supporting Chicas.