What's In Your Market Basket?

Forest Grove Farmers Market shoppers come from a variety of ages, genders, races, family make ups, etc. and each seeks out a diversity of delicious products. Whether it is fragrant flowers, bursting heirloom tomatoes, juicy berries, sizzling pupusas, sweet carrots, crunchy greens, freshly baked breads, or other delights – visitors to the Forest Grove Farmers Market (a program of Adelante Mujeres) are always happy to show off their market purchases. There is a certain pride in what they’ve selected, so it wasn’t difficult to photograph people with their market finds. 

Austyn Market Basket Aug. 2019.JPG

“Look! It's chocolate swirl bread – I'm so excited to try it!” 


Belle Market Basket Aug. 2019.JPG

Belle filling her hand-woven basket with fruits and veggies.

Lenika Market Basket Aug. 2019.JPG

Lenika is a loyal weekly market shopper, happy to share what she bought .

Lidia Market Basket 1 Aug. 2019.JPG

Lidia, our Seasonal Market Assistant, showing off the veggies we used for a cooking class at Virginia Garcia Clinic.

Lidia Market Basket 2 Aug. 2019.JPG
Lizabeth Market Basket Aug. 2019-2.jpg

Lizabeth & her son. He couldn’t wait to enjoy some strawberries for the picture!

Melody and friend Market Basket Aug. 2019.JPG

“I want to make sure to show off my Anna & Abby’s Yard scarf!”

-Melody & Friend

Mixed Family Market Basket Aug. 2019.JPG

When asked what their family name was, they launched into an explanation of how everyone was connected, “but you can just call us the “Mixed Family!” 

The Thursams Market Basket Aug. 2019.JPG

Although the Thursams forgot their basket, they still worked together to carry all their market goodies by hand.

Each purchase at the market supports family-owned small and micro businesses. A number of vendors also participate in Adelante Mujeres’ Sustainable Agriculture and Empresas programs and are starting a business for the very first time. 

Every visitor to the market helps our local economy thrive and adds to the strength of our community! 

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Kaely Summers is the Nutrition and Farmers Market Manager at Adelante Mujeres. She has lived abroad in Peru and has a deep interest in nutrition and food systems.