Stories from our
Adult Education Program

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Monica’s Story

After Monica immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, life was anything but easy. She was a single mother up against a language barrier and was struggling financially. See how our Adult Education Program supported Monica during the most challenging time in her life. WATCH MONICA’S STORY

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Opening The Drawer

“I was a teacher back in Mexico,” says Estela. “When I got here I didn’t have papers. I didn’t want to stay here. I always wanted to go back. I applied to many jobs and the first thing they always said was ‘You have to show your papers’.” READ ESTELA’S STORY

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How to Become a Community Leader

When women enroll in our Adult Education program, every woman comes in her own goal in mind. Sometimes she wants to get her GED, othertimes she wants to learn English. No matter her goals, every woman leaves our program with one thing: leadership skills. READ MORE

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Our Dancing Teacher

Meet Hortensia, one of our Early Childhood Education teachers. READ ON MEDIUM

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“The biggest challenge in my life has been the fear of doing new things.”

Margarita made it through the 9th grade in school. She was the oldest of twelve siblings in Mexico, and her parents couldn’t afford to support her anymore. She’s been working ever since then. But with support, she’s on a journey to get a GED and a fulfilling career. READ ON MEDIUM

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“We know we have potential, and education helps us go higher.”

As Angel is learning in his bilingual preschool classroom, Angelica is a few steps away learning English and taking GED classes. For this family, everyone is learning. READ ON MEDIUM

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Araceli’s Story

She’s an entrepreneur and a chef. You’ll get mesmerized watching her cook. And her journey towards her dreams is nothing short of inspiring. WATCH VIDEO