Stories from our
Chicas Youth Development Program

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The Future Nurse

Jennifer was a shy kid. She never raised her hand to ask questions in class, she didn’t socialize much, and she was embarrassed to speak Spanish in public. With the help of Chicas, all that changed, and now she’s on her way to becoming a nurse. READ JENNIFER’S STORY

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After a childhood full of violence and poverty, Lizeth is reaching for her dream of college.

As she tells the story of her life, it becomes vividly clear just how strong she is. READ ON MEDIUM

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When a STEM Summer Camp Changes Your Life

Latina women are severely under-represented in STEM fields. In the U.S., only 3% of science and engineering masters , and fewer than 1% of PhD’s ,  are awarded to minority women. Our Chicas STEM camp is changing that for girls like Roxy. READ ON MEDIUM

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The Empowerment of a Chica

Briana was painfully shy when she was little. As a bright student in elementary school, her inability to speak up for herself was affecting her learning. But when she began Chicas, things started to change. WATCH VIDEO

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Why I Fight

Produced for Fiesta of Hope 2018, this short film featuring the stories of four of our Chicas participants aims to show the strength and resilience these young women have. WATCH VIDEO

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Getting To College As a First-Generation Latina

Daniela and Isbeidy are cousins who grew up living two very different lives. But, they both have the same goal — to be the first person in their family to go to college. READ ON MEDIUM

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Eating Healthy and Making Friends

Our Chicas program covers a lot of topics, including how to eat healthy. But for girls like Jocelyn, it’s more than that. It’s about making friends. READ MORE

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Brianda refused to give up. Now she’s giving back.

Brianda crossed the U.S.-Mexico border when she was six years old. She’s one of our Chicas Youth Facilitators and is on a mission to empower Latina girls. WATCH VIDEO

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As a bilingual student, school is anything but easy.

Yolanda grew up bilingual, and as a young child she struggled to pass tests that were in English. But now she’s building an airplane about to graduate as the valedictorian of her class.